Special Thanks

THANK you need! For us Kennel New Everest is something ESSENTIAL!

First to God for all the graces in our lives! We are grateful for health, for food and for the work given us every morning!

God, thank you for all the obstacles and struggles, that's how we grow and become stronger and stronger! Thank you for teaching us carry within us, humility and gratitude!

Thank you to all our family, parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, for their support ever!
In special to Diogo A. Finatto that's fundamental for this work!

We would like to mention here, all the people who COOPERATING in some way or another, with this work.

They know that the energy, enthusiasm and the KNOWLEDGE of all of you were instrumental! Receive our THANK YOU !!!

Henrique Pontalti and wife Taynara Pontalti
Thiago Lima and wife Thais Regina
Eduardo and wife Camila Berti
Mark Pablos and wife Carla
Adan Lenharo and wife Simone Jarenko
Renan and Benedict Camila Sanches
Thaine Benedict and husband Arthur Almeida
Sonia Gremaschi, Marcelo Vincent and Gabriela
Manuela Costa and his mother Marilinda
Lilian Mathias and husband Cleber
Carla Freitas and daughter Elisa
Isabela Bordin and Renan
Marlene Ferreira and family
Cristina Calixto - Maringá TV (Band)
Heloise Negri
Ary Borges da Silva
Alcides John Rochembach
Dr. Nobile Jarletti
Dr. Claudio Roberto Oliveira
Dra. Marcia Souza Menezes
Dra. Marcela Covessi
Caio Augusto J. Valencio
Group Sao Camilo - Veterinary Medicine
Jornalista Amanda Freitas
Jornalista Júlio Cesar de Carvalho
Children: Ana Karolina, Bernard, Arthur, Victorian Edward, Giovana, Isabelly, Manoela, Rafael, Mariana and Yasmin.

ALISUL - SUPRA - in particular the Suzana Gewehr and Jane Britto for supporting us all these years. Vanderli Alves, Vera, Supervisors and SUPRA Representatives from all over Brazil.

THE PACK, which we respect as beings who are worthy and faithful ...!

Quanna Clarté
Orla's Jushka
Syryus Gladiator
Tytan Jack Buster
Akylla Scarlet
Yerka Zutynivick
Sherron Phoenix
Danka Tupolev
Lukla Of Mountain
Mysha Munik
Hannah White
Lord White
Emperor Nero
Snow King
Lucky Smyle

And also receive our thank the rest of the Samoyeds who were not present, for one reason or another, but that will never be forgotten by us.

Heloisa Huff, owner of Kennel Siberian Huff, which has one of the most beautiful lines of the Samoyed breed in Brazil. We are proud of their dedication and creative and the person integrates and brave you are, which always dedicated himself strongly to Samoyeds, and for us, a reference! Thank you Paige, for sharing your wisdom and know that your invaluable contribution will never be forgotten!

Heloisa Huff e Rogério Simões


God bless all!
Tatiana & Rogério